The village game world prepare welcomes the launch of a console (computer gaming) completely new from the manufacturer Zeebo.

Recently Zeebo manufacturer announced the launch of new game console system developers as Zeebo and will hit the market in the world, especially the four most populous: China, India, Russia and Brazil.

Zeebo use Qualcomm mobile technology from graphics chip for the 3G wireless network technology. Zeebo competitive advantage compared to other computer systems other gaming Hack Gmail, it is towards a cheap gaming machine. Estimated price of a Zeebo be only about 199 per game and about 5-15 dollars. Game will only be downloaded via 3G wireless networks, and the interesting point that machines can become access points for laptops in places without Internet.

Game using 3G connectivity so you need to play a sim phone supports 3G. In the experiment with the game Quake, takes about 30 seconds to connect to the shop and add 20 seconds to download the full and ready to play. Zeebo has 1 GB memory card, and game capacity from 5 to 50 MB.